DeskAlert Solution

We are please to inform you that DeskAlerts has appointed Brisk Consulting as their first authorized reseller for Pakistan and region. DeskAlerts is state of the art one-way notification system for internal and corporate communication that combines ease-of-use with Comprehensive security, tracking and customization options for fail-safe communications. Below please find Solution overview and summary of benefits.
DeskAlerts Solution Overview

Deliver messages that can’t be ignored or missed:

- Use multiple notifications channels to be sure your employees will get the message. Channels include desktop pop-up windows, desktop background, screensavers, email notifications, SMS messages, mobile alerts and more.
- Desktop notifications in pop-up windows can be tuned in a way they can’t be closed until read.
- Desktop notifications are reliable, their delivery is being tracked so the sender can always view the reports

Minimize calls to the help desk:

- Send scheduled notifications to inform employees about planned service outages
- Send instant messages in the cases of emergency
- Use the DeskAlerts notifications channels as a backup in case of email system failure.

Reduce frustration and inconvenience for employees:

- Improved internal communications decrease amount of a workplace stress caused by information loss.
- Increase employee awareness of an upcoming corporate events.
- The DeskAlerts agents can be tuned to have a special non-interruptive mode for employees who must not be distracted from their tasks.

Get instant feedback from your workforce:

- Compose and send various employee surveys in a minutes.
- Create a competitive quizzes.
- Generate reports based on employees’ answers and present them to anyone using convenient web interface.

Fast and easy system deployment:

- Server part can share the servers with other corporate sites and applications
- Integrate DeskAlerts with Active Directory to get a convenient groups and users recipients structure
- Intuitive interface enables to use the system without employee training

Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and save money in every department

DeskAlerts delivers benefits across a wide variety of uses. Unlike other internal messaging systems, DeskAlerts offers the advantages of completely customizable server and desktop configurations, the added functionality of instant-feedback surveys, the ability to send desktop alerts from any location, Active Directory and eDirectory integration, multi-domain support; centralized data storage – all in one, easy-to-use. A DeskAlerts System can save money and improve efficiency for the entire organization:

Improve internal communications

The biggest obstacle to effective communications with employees, partners, and other stakeholders is that information gets lost in the shuffle. DeskAlerts sends instant alerts to specified recipients in the form of a pop-up window which requires a user response and cannot be skipped or ignored. The high visibility combined with our 100% delivery rate guarantee means you can be sure they get the message.

Drive traffic to the intranet

Reinforce intranet usage by including links to intranet resources in your alerts. You can easily create shortcuts in your DeskAlerts Client and create individual Desktop Clients with different shortcuts for every group and department in your company.

Ensure employee awareness

Making sure everyone is informed of what is going on in the company is a critical element of success. Keep the sales force informed of inventory issues and new products or specials. Make sure all the employees have seen the new ad campaign or read the latest press release. Keep the Customer Service staff instantly informed of how to deal with new issues or fixes.

Reduce staff load and call volume

DeskAlerts delivers both proactive and emergency network information that can’t be ignored – whether or not the email is working. DeskAlerts can also be used to keep employees informed of progress on IT fixes – dramatically reducing both calls to the Help Desk and the frustration levels of users throughout the organization.

Get instant feedback

With DeskAlerts Survey Manager you can create and send instant surveys and get results within minutes. Unlike email, DeskAlerts surveys pop up immediately and cannot be skipped, therefore all employees will deliver instant feedback.